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Christmas Party Games

Written By Christmas Games on Jumat, 14 November 2014 | 13.04

Here are the best christmas party games ideas to play with your family, and anybody you loved and add these extra zing to your christmas party games in this year. - by Christmas Games.

Christmas ABC. Give your child or team your child a piece of paper with the letters you have written vertically from A to Z. Ask them to write the word Christmas, which begins with each letter there. Who first can complete the list above, then he was the winner.

Guess the Christmas Stocking. Fill the Christmas stockings with a few small gifts that are unique and interesting, then ask your children to guess the contents of the stocking. The game is very simple but very enjoyable.

Memory Power Games. Put some Christmas gifts of various sizes (small to medium) in a tray and give each person one minute to memorize. After 2 minutes, take the tray and ask them to write as much as they can remember, because basically, naturally, people can remember well in 30 seconds.
Christmas Party Games Ideas

Tie Games. The game consists of 2 to 3 teams or more. Each team consists of 3 people. The first person to act as the person who will be wearing a tie, and the second and third charge of putting on a tie to the first person. However, the use of tie may only use one hand (the left hand and the second uses a third person using the right hand). It is teamwork. For the team that finishes first, then the team that wins.

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